Order by 10 pm today to get your delivery tomorrow. Customer care number +91 9599455821


1. How can I order?

You can place an order by clicking on sunnyindia.in and by adding items to your cart. After you are done with adding items to your cart you can proceed with checkout and payment options. After your order is placed you will get an order confirmation by SMS and email.

2. Any app?

There is currently no app for this site. However, to make your experience seamless you can do the following on your phone:
1) When you are browsing the page just add the page to your home screen. By doing this an icon will be created on your phone. You can simply click here and order. 
2) You can also create a login on the site during checkout process so that your order detail/history is saved for your future reference.

3. Do you take cash on delivery?

Due to the current situation we prefer maintain social distancing for everyone’s safety and suggest PAYTM/UPI instead of cash on delivery. Our delivery person carries a scan code to enable smooth payment.

4. When you will deliver item if we order today?

Our delivery timeline is 48 hours. In order to provide best possible service to our customers, orders placed on or before 4 pm are scheduled to be delivered the next day. Please note that due to the current situation of lockdown there may be slippage in delivery keeping it to a maximum of 48 hours.

5. Minimum order or any delivery charges?

There in no minimum order. Orders below Rs 500 are charged @ Rs 100 as delivery charges. Delivery is free above Rs 500.

6. I ordered it by mistake. Please cancel

You can write to us at 9599455821 and we will cancel your order. Incase you have prepaid for the order we will refund the same. The refund process generally takes 24-48 hours for fulfilment. In order to preserve resources and prevent wastage of fresh fruits and vegetables we suggest order cancellation to be requested on or before 8 pm on the day of placement of order.

7. Can I place order directly?

Yes, by clicking on the website sunnyindia.in you can place your order directly.

8. I am not happy with the quality?

Our process involves sorting and grading of each and every item, however if still at the time to delivery you feel that the quality is not upto the mark you can simply not accept that item/items, deduct corresponding amount and pay the balance to the delivery partner. 
Incase, you have made a prepayment we will refund the corresponding amount to your account. The refund process generally takes 24-48 hours for fulfilment.